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Please accept the privacy policy to download the game.

Privacy Policy

Moyo is a hobby project and is free to use. We don’t show any external ads or include external tracking services.

A central part of the game is the online highscore system. This requires the game to send your scores to our webserver (including your chosen nick name, the played map, the time and of course your IP address).

We do not explicitly store your IP address on our server, although it’s likely that it will be stored somewhere in the log files of our hosting provider, which is what about every single website does and nothing to be scared off.

We generate a random identifier for your device, which is required to identify you in the highscore system. We store this together with the playtimes for each won level.

When you launch Moyo, it will check for new versions. This means a HTTP request is being made to this website.

When you launch Moyo HD the very first time, it will check for stored savegames in your browser. The browser based versions of Moyo, which I took offline wherever possible, did use a flash cookie to store your progress. The HD version will try to load your savegame from this cookie, this allows you to import your old savegame. which is again, nothing to be scared off.

You will not be able to access the privacy policy from within the game, as the game is just too old to be modified.

If you don’t agree, don't download the game!

You may query me to delete your score data, send your request to `info@moyo-game.com`